Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bourke Street Bakery on Broadway

This cold ! 13 degree celcius and showering outside...but I felt like eating something nice ... Haha...Ja always put her effort to good food !

Lucky Bourke street bakery on Broadway is just opposite my house... even it was 10.30 am...quite packed out people. I had steak, beetroot relish, dried tomato and cheddar sandwich ..... Wow...I couldn't believe myself orderd steak sandwich for breakfast...(normally I am not a meat girl) Just want something cheesy and others don't have cheese in it...

The beef was good, a lil pink inside and beetroot was nicely sweet. But so little cheese ^ ^''. The sourdough toast was great...(the edge was very crispy when I finished it, my palate was a bit pain..haha)

My first flatwhite in Australia ! It was sublime ! I normally order cappuccino since it is stronger than Latte which is too milky for me....and I have never ordered flatwhite because I thought that it is same as latte just less milk froth... but was strong enough to be another my favourite...\^0^/

I took away the last carrot cake on the display....and I made the right decision !

Looks so tempting ! The creamcheese is in the middle instead of top frosting.

My goodness !!!!!! It was so fabulous.... one of the best carrot cake I have ever tried....this version is quite light, similar as muffin, but got enough texture for carrot cake. I am wondering how they make it had a little crack on top...I think because it is pretty light and fluffy texture so got that crack.......My next mission is finding this recipe and I definitely have this cake in my own cafe...:D


Jutapha said...

OMG, i shouldn't read your blog at night...i'm always so hungry while i read your blog ka

it's so great to be in the city with lots and lots of cafe like this. you can go to the different one all the time.

btw, we always have excuse to get good food...when we're happy, we do....when we sad, we do...all the time ka, lol

Bean Sprout said...

jutapha : actually my place is not exactly in the city na...otherwise, more food !!! haha

yeah, I am rarely loose my appetite since I become food

Phanthida said...

Hi! This is my 3rd visit to ur blog...
I'm just kind of person who loves food very much, especially cake and sweet appatize

(lol) the carrot cake looks very nice; if i get a chance to go Australia, i'll visit that place definitely!!

Thanks for giving me some visions ^-^

sooks said...

I thot the carrot cake was delicious. Usually cream cheese is served on the top but I love that this is sandwiched right in the middle.

I wish I could have some now! =(