Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet

Because tonight we will have a dinner at Deryk's relative house, we tried to have a light lunch......

Mathor's Chu...I came here before 1 that time I had the rice with braised beef, tofu, egg and seaweed...interesting combination but it didn't impressed me....However, I am do wondering that everytime I pass by this shop, always full of I think I might miss something good here. That's why I came to try again.

The bill must be made upon ordering...I don't know the reason they do this, but it doesnt bother me...

On the shelf (not on the table), there are some vinegar, soy sauce and chilli sauce.

Deryk ordered soya bean milk .. I tasted it..mmm...I like soya bean but this was not quite my type. I had Iced milk tea which was quite nice...Oh I just realized that I forgot to take picture of it ><

Shallot pancake with yu tiao (deep-fried bread) $4.50

Here they freshly make their you tiao or Chinese donut. The Chinese bread dough is deep-fried and then wrapped in a thin blanket of pancake with a hint of shallot. This dish was a lot better than I thought...Pancake was flaky, the yu tiao was hot, crispy, light and airy. I don't really know how to eat this...Do we need to use chopstick? or we just eat it by hand? I tried both way and it's all good ..haha...

Glutinous rice filled with pork floss $3.00

Another interesting dish, I have never seen it before. It was wrapped in glad wrap and cut in half ...very good to share..hehe. The filling was yu tiao bread stick coated in pork floss (dry-fried shredded sweet pork jerky). The glutinous rice is warm and soft, the bread stick is crispy and crunchy, the pork floss provides sweetness and salt. Beautiful and very filling (We can't finish it :P)

Pork dumplings $8.00 for 12

We mixed between the steamed and fried one...The steamed was surprisingly the winner. It was very moist and juicy. The skin was not too thick, the filling tasted just nice and the chopped cabbage inside makes it crunchy and sweet. The fried dumpling was not bad just a bit oily.


Now I know why this place always packed...good, fast and cheap. The trick is you have to order the right thing (but it takes some experience for me to know what is the right one lol) This meal was fast with plenty of starch.....another nice meal !

Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet
Shop 1, 86-88 Dixon St.,
Haymarket, Sydney
Tel : (02) 9211 0288


Heidi said...

wow, seems very nice! I want to go there to try!

Bean Sprout said...

let's try...It is quite reasonable price !

Edge said...

I've tried the yu tiao wrapped in the spring onion pancake! it has become my fav afternoon snack when I'm in Chinatown. My workmates and I have also been here for lunch. Their spicy beef noodle soup is pretty good too. Prices are cheap, cheap! (btw, reason why they make you pay first its because they've had some 'runners' in the past- as in eat and run!) x