Friday, September 26, 2008

City Pocha

Party time !!!!!!!!

Last day in Intermediate Patisserie...Lots of fun and lots of new things I have semester will be about Sugar work and chocolate work...hur..scary !

Some of us (city people..hehe) came to have dinner at Korean restaurent '' City Pocha''

I saw many Korean eating sign ^ ^

After Claire ordered...They gave us so many bowls...!

Choju !!! of course No party without Alcohol...(really?)

Cheers ! (I forgot what they said in Korean)

Side dishes...the green salad behind is just green leaves with sweet chilli sauce but it was good...amazing, eh?

Kumja Tang - Spicy Pork & Potato Soup (medium ; $40)

This dish was recommended by Su hee...She said she got Thai friends and they all loves she think I will like it...

The soup was ok..there is some strange taste from the sesame leaves..but the bone is awesome ! I am the bone person, I like to eat things that is not too easy to eat...hahaha

The best part of the soup is when it is almost finish...thick and more flavour...too bad I was too full now T_T

Spicy Octopus and chicken on hot plate with cheese $30

Can you see the cheese bubbling ? wow..I have never seen this dish in Thailand before...they put cheese to compromise the spiciness...I like it !

Amazing the last photo...Claire with cheese ..

Su hee and I (I looked so tired -_-'')

Rice soup ..basically just rice and soup with no any flavour at all ...Claire said Korean normally eat this with Spicy chicken and cheese.

2 hours later...Hong came to join us..we had a nice talk that night.

Beautiful meal with beautiful friends.....another happy day !

City Pocha

71 - 73 Goulburn St.

Sydney, NSW 2000

Tel : (02) 9211 0222

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