Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Makoto .. here I come

I took Deryk to eat the best Sushi train in Sydney...all you know, Makoto !

Saturday night at 7.10 pm...Not surprised when see the long queue in front of the restaurant...We waited about 45 mins...(lucky we both were not really hungry)

My hot green tea.

His cold green tea.

Ok....Start !

Unagi sushi...a bit chewy...I prefer the one at Sushi Tengoku. That one is much better.

Salmon sushi...fresh but not outstanding.

Spider roll...Last time was better, I think this time the filling was less.

Grilled salmon sushi...it was good but again I think last time it was better...maybe today I wasn't really hungry ?

Grilled scallop sushi...we both agree that grilled sushi here is very good...

So we picked another one...Grilled Kingfish sushi...not disappointed.

Grilled Cheese Roll ...There are varieties of filling ...This one is salmon. umm...not bad !

But we saw the freshly made grilled cheese sushi...so we had another one...filling was deep fried chicken.

Bread crumbed Ebi sushi...This looks very normal for me...but taste was unexpectedly good... we like it...

Deryk thought it was Tuna tataki...but actaully it was beef...ok but not my favourite .

Last time I had the soft shell crab hand roll which was very very good...so I ordered for Deryk...

Similar as last time I had..but came in different plate colour...I think on top was Lobster salad.

12 dishes....I told you we were not so hungry lol (and how come most of the dishes we selected were blue and black which are the most expensive one..haha)

Then we had the Korean soft served from convenience store nearby...

Don't get me wrong, the sushi here is still very good...Anyone wanna join me for next time?


Lorraine E said...

I can't believe that I've never been to Makoto despite the raves. But it sounds like there were a few dishes that you were a bit disappointed with, or that were better before?

Bean Sprout said...

lorraine e : Actually they all are good...still better than many sushi bars I have tried here...Just that first time impressed me more...like when it went into my mouth, I was so happy and couldn't stop smiling..haha

I still can't wait to go again :)