Thursday, September 11, 2008

IP Lesson 21 : Opera Gateau

Opera Gateau will be in our assestment next many things to prepare...It is assembled from different components : Joconde, chocolate ganache, coffee butter cream and chocolate glaze. A Joconde is a very thin layer of sponge cake. It needs to be baked quickly so it does not dry out and can absorb the coffee syrup.

I am happy that chef Andre will be assest us in the practical exam...He is so good.

His opera...20*20 cm.

The layers are joconde soaked with coffee syrup, coffee buttercream, joconde, ganache, joconde, coffee buttercream and chocolate glaze.

Tasting....normally I don't really like buttercream..but this one is so yummy.

Chef also showed us how to plate the opera...It is about 5*9 cm.

My Opera Gateau...the glaze was too thin cuz I put too much syrup....hiah...

Anyway, it is exactly 4 cm height which it should be...and all my friends who eat it loves it \^o^/

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Ria said...

I love the Opera~
I like the Chef Andres Lesson as well.
Learnt a lot =)