Thursday, September 25, 2008

IP Lesson 25 : Le Fraisier

Le Fraisier is a French name for a strawberry cake that, traditionally has a green layer of marzipan, and has Creme Mousseline sandwiched between 2 layers of Genoise sponge. I still remember first time I had this cake from Bakerzin in Bangkok. It was extremely delicious ! But when I had this in our might try to find some new recipe for this. Taste just like eating sponge with pastry cream (but it was a LOT more butter than pastry cream).

Chef Michael piped the chocolate for Su hee 's birthday. I like his nice. Oh ! and about pink mazipan, because our class request him to make it

My first rose funny...Hope I can do better in Superior.

I was thinking how come my Le Fraisier looks so plain..then I realized that I forgot chocolate piping...><>

Last day with chef Michael...You will miss me ..hehe

Cut and take photo at home..hehe..P'Boy and Aiya (my new Japanese housemate) like it though.


Snow White said...

u know what....Chef Michael keeps on saying that I looked lik a Thai....=.=

Bean Sprout said...

haha....yeah, u can be Thai ^ ^. Oh do u study with him also? or another Michael?