Friday, July 25, 2008


First meal with Man (Thai friend who finished cuisine from LCB, Thailand and came here to do Cert4) We were very hungry so I took him to Zowa, World square.

Lots of seasoning...

I like the atmosphere here...pretty cute !

see !

I just know that Korean also serve Omurice...I thought it is Japanese...

There are special menu for lunch also.


Ready !

Man had the Omurice with grilled chicken & chilli sauce...

Rice was good, it was fried rice with their special recipe which I dunno...but the chilli sauce was weird...

Mine : Omurice with Hamburg and tomato sauce...

The beef was good, especially the sauce and mayonnaise...Ah..I like it !

Fancy menu outside...

Another interesting choice when you are hungry in the city ^ ^

Zowa CafeShop 7, LG Floor World Square,

Sydney NSW 2000

Tel : (02) 9267 5050

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