Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chinese Noodle Restaurant

On Friday morning, Seok and Soo Jin came to my house to make cheesecake for thier friends' birthday...we finished baking about 13.00...and went for a quick lunch at Chinese Noodle Restaurant in China Town.

I forgot to take picture outside restaurant so I went back on the other day to take...actually it was very busy when we went ..

A little bowl come very fast.

Busy busy...

Even they are small cheap chinese food place...there are some decorations for us to enjoy food while eating lol.

Noodle man was making amazing.

first dish : Pan fried pork buns, 10 for $8 It is golden bottomed wheat flour dumplings with thick chewy skins and pork inside. It tasted quite nice...just that I prefer Xiao Long Pao because that one is more juicy.

Seafood fried rice ...I think in most chinese restaurant they make fried rice well...this one also but a bit too oily.

Crispy at the bottom and chewy inside...

We asked the waitress which dish is the most favourite one...and she recommend this ...I forgot what it is called ...Stir fried hand made noodle with chicken...I don't really like this kinda type of no comment !

After that I went to my friend house to use internet (at that time I still couldn't use) until 7 pm...then during I went back home...There were the asian food stalls in China Town...wowwwwww !!!

Some Chinese stalls, Malaysian, Japanese..

I chose this one with no doubt...Takoyaki...

Long queue and huge pan....

I was waiting around 20 mins but it was fun watching they made...and it was the best Takoyaki I have ever tried...good as Gindaco I had in Thailand but in different style..this one inside is softer...(but I have never tried Takoyaki in Japan before...there must be very nice)

Chinese Noodle Restaurant
Shop TG7, Prince Centre, 8 Quay St..
Haymarket (Street-level, Thomas St. side)
Tel: (02) 9281 9051

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