Friday, June 27, 2008

Yee King Noodles and dumplings

Last Friday night...this week Meng and I tried a lots of good food..hehe

Yee King Northern Chinese Noodles and dumplings is the place that everytime we pass by, Meng always tell me they make their own good noodle.

2 free hot Chinese tea.

I like the way they give us chopstick...using different colour...looks not boring and make me smile ^ ^

We ordered just 1 dish to share...Braised Joint of pork in brown sauce $18.50 and 2 rice...At first when we were reading the menu...we were thinking what is the white thing in this dish...I think it looks like egg but impossible there will be so many Meng said it should be Tofu.

It took a bit long time before the food came....but when it was on the table ...OMG ! It was HUGE !!!! and u know...the white things were eggs o_O hahahahaha.....

We think that they put the round bowl into the middle of the plate, arrange the raw eggs around the bowl and steam it...after eggs cooked, just put the pork into the middle. It was so tasty and juicy...even lots of oil on top from the pork fat but still so nice..the egg white were cooked just perfect for my liking, soft and not too hard. The egg yolks were well-done cooked ( we prefer runny yolk but finally I thought that if it is still runny maybe we will feel too much eggy and sick of it)

Pork was tender and not too oily... I can eat the skin which normally i won't.

We were laughing when saw the dish...2 people with 8 eggs.

Can you believe ? We finished 6 eggs (2 for Ja and 4 for Meng) I though the waiter should think how amazing we

Lots of aussie in this time we wanna try noodle and dumplings.

Yee King Noodles and dumplings

408 Sussex St.

Haymarket, NSW 2000

Tel: (02) 9211 1138

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