Saturday, September 25, 2010

Restaurant Balzac

The Gang & I came here, Restaurant Balzac for a fine dinner.

We were seated at a quite dark table which was not good for us.

We were the first table of the night..haha

Sourdough (White & Dark rye) with butter

A bit disappointing.

1st course : Salt Cod Beignet

Quite like the Japanese cream croquette, inside got a small stripe of fish & a bit of greens.

Guy team : Ball, Top and Tan

2nd course : Tomato Consomme with Poached Snapper Cheek

It was my least favourite of the night, too sweet for my liking, N'Ping like it though.

3rd course : Marinated Black Kingfish and Ocean Trout with Orange, Fennel and Poached Scampi Tail

2008 Reichsrat Von Buhl Riesling - Pfalz, Germany
This dish was great in term of colourful presentation and refreshing flavour, like it !

4th course : Pan Fried Mirror Dory with Baby Heritage Carrots, Toasted Cumin and Dried Orange Skin

2008 Anselmi 'San Vincenzo' Soave - Veneto, Italy
The fish was perfectly cooked, also the condiments were making the dish well-rounded

5th course : Risotto of Broad Beans and Marjoram with Braised White Rabbit and Fresh Morels

2008 Bourgogne, Lucien Muzard et Fils - Burgundy, France

I like the rice itself, the rabbit was a bit dry.

6th course : Braised Beef Brisket with Sauce Bordelaise and Parsnip Fondant

2007 Cotes-du-Rhone, Tardieu-Laurent - Rhone Valley, France

I chose the beef brisket for 6th course, not disappointed. The brisket was fatty soft, melt in the mouth.

Bone marrow heaven !

6th course : Roasted Rack of Lamb with 'Petit Sale aux lentilles

Tan, Ping and Ta chose Lamb dish and it was also great, a bit lamb-ish (but fine for me). Nicely pinky and well-seasoned.

Gal team : Ping, Ja and Ta

7th course : Citrus Jelly with Spiced Panna Cotta and Peanut Praline

I really like it, the top part was perfectly creamy and the citrus jelly has a nice alcohol hint... :P (also perfect gelatin ratio).

8th course : Bread and Butter Pudding with Pain D'Epice Ice Cream

NV Dutschke The Tokay - Barossa Valley, S.A.

(Ping's Birthday)

The best bread and butter pudding I have had, Oh my. I am usually not a fan of it but I would love to eat this often.

I was too full for coffee, The rest of the table got some hot chocolate and flatwhite.

Petit fours : Fruit jelly & Orange blossom marshmallow

Another greatest meal with lots of love & laugh !

Restaurant Balzac
141 Belmore Road, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia
(02) 9399 9660

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Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

Sounds like you had a nice meal on the whole. I like the look of the yummy sweet things!