Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moose General Store & Bourke St Bakery

We, Bacco girls, wanted to enjoy the beautiful brunch together so I told them to go Moose General Store since I have heard a lot about it.

Joyce and I met up at Central station and Meylissa planed to meet us there at the cafe.

The cafe is quite small in the quite lane but once you turned in to that lane, you definitely know where they are due to the number of people sitting outside the cafe.

I just love their menu, so cool !

Some house-made sweets

I just couldn't stop taking photo in the cafe lol

We were waiting for Meylissa and thought that it seemed too late, then I called her. She said that now she was walking along Cooper St. and didn't found any places look like cafe. I went out to meet her. The weird thing was we were actually the same location but we couldn't find each other... She even said she was at the cafe address, 18 Cooper st. but its the some school not a cafe... Hur?

Then she said "ok, let me find out!'

Joyce's weak cappuccino.

I had soy mocha which came in a large glass with a little spoon :)

Nice one !

After we ordered the coffee, we told the waitress that our friend was lost, then she said that it happen before since there are 2 Cooper St. One is in Redfern (where the cafe is) and another one is in Surryhills o_O

Finally Meylissa came ! She just noticed that there are 2 Cooper street too... Must be tired walking. Poor Meylissa lol

We ordered the food to share and here they are.

Wild fig & cranberry with lemongrass tea loaf (gluten free) $5

We were quite like it, the lemongrass was subtle, loaded with fig & cranberry.

Croque Madam : Grilled sourdough sandwich with Bok's free range ham, gruyere, fried egg, a side of Moose chilli jam and rocket salad

Huge !

The croque madam were ok, not spectacular as the one we had at Yellow.

Their famous Organic chocolate granola with yoghurt & rhubarb jam

We were disappointed since the granola wasn't crunchy, a bit like too old or was left out too long.

The most unfair-cutting? lol

Meylissa's second cup of coffee : espresso (she had the latte first but didn't take photo)

After that we of course continue our eating trip by walking to The Bourke Street Bakery. Joyce had never tried the goodness stuffs there so I had to take her before I went back to Thailand.

My box : Flourless chocolate cake & Strawberry Vanilla Brulee Tart.

Meylissa box : Carrot cake and Chocolate & raspberry mousse tart

The thing you must try if you are in Sydney !

I love u girls !

Moose General Store
18 Cooper St
02 80979684

Update * from other website info that now they had to close the cafe dueto Local issue, just go to their website to update news

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh I was so hopeful that you were going to tell us that they were able to stay open! :o