Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cafe Ish, All you can eat Ribs

Finally, I made it ! I had ribs at Cafe Ish !

Because I am about to going home (Thailand) soon, I tried my best to eat all those places I really want. One of them is All you can eat Ribs here since I read from so many blogs.

Booked at 6 and arrived at 5.55 pm (really want to eat..haha), the place was still empty.

Cabbage & wattleseed miso mayo $6

We tried to be healthy, eat some veggie :)

First bowl of pork ribs

The pork came first, we were so happy see those beautiful sticky finger-licking sauce. I took a bite first and closed my eyes screamed softly... It was smoky, tender, succulent and saucy.

The first round of beef ribs

The beef ribs were bigger, Ping & Ball had it when I was eating my pork rib happily. They said ''It is really good" Ok, I will try. Oh my, its different ! it was different from pork, the smell was stronger, more meaty, more tasty and more FATTY.

2nd bowl of Pork

Eat, Eat and Eat

When we were about to finished 2nd round of those 2 bowls.. I felt that I still can continue eating ....

Ok, 1 more round please ! (I was telling the waitress)


The last bowl of beef rib.. HUGE !

haha.. after a few bites, I suddently felt stuffed, its so funny..haha

We were so struggle to finish.. kept eating slowly, until the beef fat became solid huahahahahahahaha

We were like... only 1 more bite, the whole cow can come out from our mouth lol ( We did glad we ordered cabbage, at least we were not having only meat (and fat).

but our gluttony kept saying that we need desserts !

Chocolate cake with wattleseed ice cream and umeboshi sour plum jam

At first, I didn't heard about sour plum jam, I thought like some normal berry sauce and wondered that why its so little on the plate. Once I tasted it, wowwww... sour plum, so nice ! It helped the richness of the chocolate cake. Chocolate cake with ice cream is always good.

Lemon Delicious

But the winner was Lemon delicious ! I have never had this dish before. It was warm, light, spongy and a lil crispy at the top. We love this.

Ping and Ball

Josh was very friendly and funny, I was crazily taking pictures of the food and he was outside, waving to us. I quickly took a shot but too blur..haha

Cafe Ish
82 Campbell st., Surry hills, NSW
Tel : (02) 9281 1688


Anonymous said...

Thats the best shot of me ever!!
cafe ish

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Josh : hahaha, Thanks for the ribs :)

thang @ noodlies said...

gosh so many people are reviewing this place... maybe i should give it a go