Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney

Rockpool, finally I came to Rockpool Bar & Grill !

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, the restaurant is extremely dark, blogger's nightmare T^T

There are more than 2,000 Riedel Riesling glasses hanging in the restaurant


& (normal) Butter

Tuna Tartare, Moroccan Eggplant, Cumin Mayonnaise and Harissa $29

Nut & I already decided what to have for main like a month ago lol. So we just need to choose entree and sides. Only 1 entree was chosen is Tuna Tartare, which was different, Morrocan style. Fresh, rich and well seasoned.

and for the main, we ordered the same thing (not our typical dining culture lol) since we thought that it would't be enough for the great dish.

Rib-eye on the bone 350g 80 days - Cape Grim dry aged 36 month old grass fed $60

(Medium rare for me & Rare for Nut)

We ordered 2 side dishes (more than enough, we couldn't finish both of them)

Sauteed Covolo Nero $9

Taste like Chinese braised veggies, but I like..hehe

Potato and Cabbage Gratin $9

The small size was so big for us, creamy and got a nice breadcrumb crust on top.

Béarnaise sauce

The beef was good but maybe we expected too much for Rockpool? We did enjoy Tuna Tartare and side dishes more than the steak, (disappointed)

OMG, too full, really ! I haven't been this full for 10 years.. hahaha


Doughnuts with cinnamon pecan ice cream and apple sundae $19

ok, we don't think it is not easy for us to come back here, so we had to order dessert? It was ok, but they gave us so many doughnuts..haha

My stomach was almost explode ><

Rockpool Bar & Grill
66 Hunter Street, Sydney 2000
Tel : (02) 8078 1900

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

You did a great job with the photos Ja! It is so dark in there isn't it but it's such a nice room :)