Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sorry that my post is not so up to date... Now I am in Thailand and don't really got chance to use Internet, sigh*

By the way, when I was in Sydney, the area that I always go on weekends is Surryhills. Walking pass by many times, Bently was always catched my eyes since I heard about their reputation but the place seems so dark and scary (from outside). Once I know about their Lunch Tapas set for $55 per person, I quickly told Nut that I wanted to try.

On the other hand, inside of the restaurant is quite bright ! Looks clean and modern, I like :) We were excited for this style of food; molecular gastronomy

We arrived there around 12.30 pm., still early for the restaurant.

Sour dough with olive oil, once I touched the bread, I knew that it was a good bread, really good bread.

Jamon Serrano

Started with Jamon, the flavour was really intense, its a good one.

Kingfish Ceviche with Pickled Daikon and Yusu Mayonnaise

The Ceviche was very refleshing, the flavour was well-balanced, too little serving ;P

Smoked Eel Parfait with White Soy, Kombu and Seaweed

The eel was nicely smokey and very smooth wrapped with Kombu made it more interesting. The crisp clear thingy was like dried gelatin added more texture to the dish.

Parmesan Custard with Truffled Asparagus

This was the dish I like the least. The parmesan was too strong for both of us, the asparagus was a bit strange in taste, like smell so raw. Being a small dish, it did fill us up.

Soft Shell Crab with Green Chilli Salsa

The crab was huge and juicy. Even if it was a bit salty, having it with the green salsa was perfect .

Poached Organic Egg with Chickpea, Preserved Lemon & Harrissa

The egg was amazingly perfect ! The soft melt-in-your-mouth texture of egg white made me into the heaven. Moreover, the chickpea was light, I mean it was really light, just popped in your mouth. A small bid of harrisa gave the dish another dimension.

Black Sausage with Prawn & Mandarin

This was a pretty dish, in term of presentation and flavour. The black sausage was rich, crisp outside and creamy insdie, a bit of saltiness of sausage and the sweetness of mandarin were a really good combination. The few coriander seeds really made the dish, such a clever !

Chocolate Ganache with Orange Oil

Simple yet perfect ! The ganache was beautifully smooth, not to sweet. Chocolate, orange and sea salt are always good :)

Only 1 dish we didn't like (the parmesan custard), still, such an impressive meal :)

320 Crown St., Surry Hills 2010
Tel : (02) 9332 2344

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