Saturday, September 4, 2010


My lovely sister's birthday this year, The Gang decided to go Zilver since everyone loves Peking duck there and I had never tried.

The lady brought the whole shiny roasted duck with the trolley and craving in front of us. Still got a lot of skin on the bone... we want moreeeeee....

2 pieces per person, I want have 5-6 :P

Succulent, crispy delicious duck with soft yet nicely chewy dough

The meat, they made it into San choi bao.

Well seasoned, I was quited by this stage lol

Sizzling Beef with Zilver Sauce

Stir fried green bean with mince.

Sizzling beef with Zilver sauce

Veggie & Tofu hot pot, taste like Thai sukiyaki.. I like !

Mystery pot... taste like water -_-''

Something lamb cutlet.

Roasted pork belly... nice. We had one and ordered the second round.

Siu mai for Tan, didn't try.

Complimentary fruits

Birthday cake.. for N'Gift and N'Ping ka.. sorry I wrote only Ping T_T

It was the cake from my basic 101 cake decoration at Planet Cake I took the day before :)

N'Gift & N'Ping

Chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache, so moist & rich in flavour.

The Gang !

Zilver Restaurant
477 Pitt St
Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
Tel : (02) 9211 2232

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susan said...

How good is Peking duck! I love peking duck rolls. That cake looks fantastic too, it doesn't look like a beginner's cake to me at all.