Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spice I am & House

First of all, I have to thank Monica very much for being my company to my last chance visiting Spice I am before I left Sydney :)

Me : We are 2 people, if we order 3 dishes, we should be able to finish it?
Monica : Lets make it 4, we can do it !
Me : ..... OK !

Mieng Kuay Teaw : Sliced pork, bean sprouts, mint wrapped with flat rice noodle $7.0

Red curry with roasted duck $25.90

My all time favourite at Spice I am... You gotta try it yourself. The curry was so flavoursome and rich in the coconut, I have never seen this in other places before.

Crispy pork belly with Basil : stir fried pork belly with Thai holy basil topped with crispy holy basil $17.90

OMG, its the dish I always dream about ! I think I have to order it everytime I come here.

Prawn with Tamarind Sauce $25.90

Deep fried battered prawns in Tamarind sauce came last when I was quite full. The sauce was different from what I know about Tamarind sauce.

We almost couldn't even walk straight after such a heavy meal.


hahahaha, Monica told me I had to try this dessert (obviously its her favourite, being mentioned in her blog many times :D)

BTS (Better than sex)

Toasted buttered brioche topped with Pandan ice cream & caramelized palm sugar syrup

Even I am not a fan of Pandan thingy, I love the dish so much, Thank Monica !

How big it is? (even compared with our big faces :P)

Thanks again, Monica, I wish I can meet you again some day ^ ^


missklicious said...

What a great night out! And that dessert sure looks like it lives up to its name!

Monica ^o^ said...

look at our faces with the BTS, so happy LOL
Of course we'll meet again !! Someday...don't know where, but we will ^_^

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

missklicious : haha, its so good, u gotta try it :)

Monica : definitely :D