Friday, September 24, 2010

Le Monde

Nut and I was busy deciding where to eat about 2 months before I came back to Thailand.. We managed to come here.

Breakfast degustation is available on Fridays and Saturdays and costs $35 per person

They do only 2 sitting; 9 am & 11 am with a maximum of 5 people at each sitting

Nut was seriously reading about coffee beans.

Granola & Watermelon with black olive, frozen grape, vanilla bean yoghurt & baby mint.

I am normally not a big fan of watermelon by itself but when it comes on the plate with the chef's smart creative, I always like it. The watermelon was crunch, juicy and refreshing. The yoghurt gave a tangy taste and the nutty toasty and crunchy of granola. The black olive sand made it special not only for the presentation but also for the flavour. Only frozen grape that I didn't like.

Clover coffee came in Chemex karafe

Like the menu.

2nd course : 'The B L A T' - deconstructed BLT

This was what I looking for :D

Dehydrated kale and so creamy avocado mousse

Tomato paper. When I tasted only itself, don't really like it but eating it as a whole sandwich, it was very important ingredient, adding the tangy and salty flavour.

Housemade mayonnaise, very tasty.

6hrs slow cooked pork belly.. Oh so juicy !

The chef recommends tasting a little of each component first,

and then just eating the rest of it as normal sandwich. Ahhh, such a serious breakfast.

My house blend Piccolo latte

3rd course : Iced coffee w fresh blueberries, salted pumkin seeds and chocolate. The chef comes out and pipes the iced coffee cream on top

and sprinkles the dessert with grated chocolate.

Really good, everything was well compliment each other. Texture, flavour, temperation.. all made us so satisfied.

They also serve other baked goods. I got chance to try the apple muffin on the other day, not bad.

Le Monde Cafe
83 Foveaux St., Surry Hills 2010, Australia
Tel : (02) 9211 3568


Simon Food Favourites said...

that's one crazy yet interesting looking breakfast. are they trying to be too clever? hopefully it works as a meal :-) interesting presentation.

Gianna said...

Mmm this is one of my favorite breakfast places in syd simply because the menu changes so much! Best piccolo in syd I've had!