Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bruschretteria 102

Another cafe that Monica recommended me I had to go, Bruschetteria 102. If you know how often she goes to this place, you definitely wanna try :)

Don't you love the decoration & atmosphere ?

I saw this table and told myself to have it after savoury.

Nutella Coffee

We ordered 3 and got all different deco :) After I finished it, I ordered another one which was my first time ordering 2nd coffee in the cafe, how good it is.

Kimmy, me and Stella, LCB friends, I miss you guys. Kimmy is now working at Tetsuya's and Stella works at Victoire, I am so proud of my friends :)

Pear, parma and olive tapenade bruschretta

I forgot what it is ^ ^''

Panna Cotta with berries sauce

Good for summer, just a little bit too much gelatin but still good in flavour.

Buongiourno, he is such a charming guy !

Happily looking at the macarons, we were offered one of each macarons by Buongiourno... wow..hehe

Maybe he didn't know I just put on 3 kg before he did this lol

That evening, Nut luckily won the price attending in Adriano Macarons demo class in MidCity. Can bring 1 friend along, I immediately said "me me !''

Rhine, Sous chef, is very helpful and informative person during the demo, nice guy. And of course, Adriano, u rocks :)

Bruschretteria 102
102 Albion St., Surry Hills, Australia, 2010
Tel :
(02) 92 813 653


Simon Food Favourites said...

the Bruschretteria 102 is still on my wish list. i hope i get to try before the end of the year otherwise a new years resolution to try :-)

Monica ^o^ said...

whoa !! lucky girl you got Luca carrying you LOL

Glad you get to try it before going back home :)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Simon : i hope you like it, the staff are very friendly :)

Monica : thanks again for recommendation . Do u know how he makes the coffee? Really nutella or chocolate & hazelnut syrup?

Monica ^o^ said...

he does use real Nutella, imported one from Italy too ! He said the one here tasted different :)

susan said...

Nutella coffee! I am sold. The bruschetta looks pretty good too!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Monica : ah, my friend did say that too, i have to get a chance to try the one from Italy now..hehe

Winnie said...

Make me so envious!! Hope to get there later this year!
Thanks for the great post Ja!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Susan : please give it a try :)

Winnie : how r u? wow, u gonna come to Sydney? I will wait to see ur baking journey there ..hehe