Monday, September 20, 2010

Unexpected Melbourne Trip

Got a chance to go for a quick trip in Melbourne for weekends

Started the first meal at Blok M, grilled marinated oxtail.... so good !

Breakfast at Commercial Bakery, I tried this place twice in 2007. The pastries are ordinary but the coffee is good.

Can't go to Melbourne without visiting The Hardware Societe, this time they have so much more macarons !

Clockwise from top left :
1. The beautiful arranges of macs at The Hardware Societe
2. The dark chocolate tarts were from Commercial Bakery, very very good.
3. Once arrived home, Macs were messy but taste great.
4. Takeaway cappuccino from Mr.Tulk

The best KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) @ Gami

Il Fornaio st kilda

The famous Snicker Bar (very good but also very expensive), some chocolate cake Deryk ordered.. the chocolate cake was ok but the Liquorice ice cream was horrible, just not our type T T, housemade rose marshmallow.

Finally, I got to try Duncan's Macarons... still prefer La Renaissance's one.

Teh Tarik @ Old town kopitiam, China town

Good food indeed !

Finally, last meal, Shocolate !

B-52 Macaron on the plate and Iced dark chocolate.

TOO BEAUTIFUL TO EAT ! (but we did)

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