Tuesday, September 14, 2010


One of the places I had been wanted to go, Tomislav. And today I got chance to come with a pretty girl :)

It was a rainy day but we of course didn't give up. Our mission was still going and there are only us when we arrived.

I like the water glass, so luxurious thin.

The open kitchen, we saw the chef.

I had 2005 Alan and veitch Merlot Adelaide Hills, SA $12.5 per glass, $59 per bottle. Very very nice.

Butter flavoured with olive oil and smoked onion powder.

Iggy's bread

Grilled Tasmanian Salmon (100g) : toast, wasabi crumbs $12

The toast was so light, crisp and melt in the mouth, adding the texture to the soft tender fish.

Poached Comboyne hen's egg : peas and ham with warm potato cream $19

My most favourite of the night ! The soft cream mixture was very creamy and smooth. After breaking the yolk and mixing with the cream mixture, it created the beautiful swirl effect and richer in the taste. The toast was wonderfully crisp (same as the salmon dish).

The surprises were the small chunks of the ham and peas which were bursts of saltier goodness. I would love to come here just to have this dish, awesome !

Pasture Fed Angus Scotch Fillet : roast bone marrow, horseradish cream $32

The steak came beautifully pre-cut and so pink ! But the real one was a lot smaller than I expected from reading in other blogs. The flavour was great, only thing to blame was too small :)


Braised Murray Valley Pork Belly : Cabbage, carrots, broad beans $32

The pork was slow cooked until they (almost) ran out of fat. The skin was crisp as we expected, the broth was tasty and flavoursome. P'Lek love this dish.

Vanilla cheesecake : cream cheese, rhubarb sorbet $15

You won't find the normal cheesecake here, Tomislav made it deconstructed. The white cream was light, sweet and salty from creamcheese, they even had the small chunk of creamcheese too. The crumb as a cheesecake base provided a nice texture. I like the rhubard as usual (my favourite)

There were only 4 tables that nice. Our waitstaff was very polite and friendly, we were very satisfied.

2/13 Kirketon Rd., Darlinghurst, Sydney
Tel : (02) 9356 4535


Monica ^o^ said...

the beef dish is presented differently when I had it , and it was quite big as well...

susan said...

That hen's egg dish looks yummy! Everything else looks so good too and reasonably priced.

I have seen a lot of reviews about this place, so next time I am in Sydney I will definitely visit.

Gianna@TheEmptyFridge said...

hey Ja - great review! I have been wanting to visit Tomislav and now I MUST definitely go! Everything looks delicious and what better way to enjoy a meal then with fabulous company! Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

They look soooo yummy!!!
Can I join you sometime? :)