Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lesson 2 : Variety of Scones, Madeleines, Financiers/friands

Today we made more scones (sultanas and cheese scones), Madeleines, Financiers/friands (I still dunno how to pronouce Financiers correctly). Our chef for today was Chef Karin, little pretty lady from Switzerland)

Chef Karen did a nice presentation of her goodies !

Since we had many things to do today, Chef Karin let us work with partner. One made Fruit scones and one made cheese scones..You may think that why don’t we just make scone dough in 1 time and half put sultana, half put cheese...Because they try to teach us that there are many recipe for scones. For fruit scones, we use milk powder and use milk for cheese scones.

Fruit Scones from chef Karen

Cheese Scones from chef Karin

Madeleines from chef Karin

Financiers from chef Karin

My partner was Soo jin, a nice korean girl, she did the fruit scones perfectly. And also my cheese scones were a lot better from yesterday, fluffy and moist. Lots of cheese on top…ahhh…so yummy..It will be surely much better if we can put ham or bacon in it.

My cheese scones in Batching which means arranging them in rows on trays. Put the scones close together on thrays so that they all rise toghter and do not dry out after baking. Batching of scones saves room on the trays and makes the scones easier to handle.

Soo jin's fruit scones baked by individual makes scones look nicer.

Financiers (also known as Friands) are small desserts made from almond meal, sugar, egg whites, beurre noisette (brown butter), and flour. You can add it with small fruits like blueberries, or even oranges.

My Financiers turned out well too. Crispy outside, moist inside and can taste the almond meal. I think it is a bit similar as cookies..(maybe I baked it too long? *giggle*) l was satisfied my Financiers though.

Madeleines are very small and moisted cakes with a distinctive shell-like shape acquired from being baked in pans with shell-shaped depressions. Their flavour is similar to, but somewhat lighter than, pound cake, with a pronounced butter-and-lemon taste. They also go well with coffee or tea.

For madeleines, I like the one chef made..golden brown and have a lemon smell since we added some lemon peels..Mine was also lovely but I don’t really like it, just think that it was like normal Thai Kanom Kai...

The most important thing Chef Karin tough us today was about how politeness to your kitchen hands really pays off when you're working in the kitchen. Never be forget to be polite and respect them.

Anyway, I was thinking to have my own flour sifter cause school’s one is too big which is not convenient. One more thing as my friend, Ann who have just finished superior class, told me to buy is my own digital scale…we all were a bit annoying about waiting to get our ingredients measured out.

This time I forgot to bring my camera, too bad. I will try to get some photos from my friends


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Hi Ja++

I searched google for food images and it brought me here. So nice to see you and getting hungry after browsing your blog.

You awesome girl!!

Bean Sprout said...

Wowww....Ann, long time no see and no talk...How is ur life there? Have you go back to Thailand sometimes? I will finish my course at the end of this year la...

Thanks for comment and please come to take a look often ..hehe