Friday, May 9, 2008

Lesson 5 : Light Fruit Cake (with Streusel Topping) and Gateau Marbre (Marble Cake)

My blog seems to be too informative? Should I write less about Key Culinary Terms? Let me know what u guys think about too many letters in the blogs..ok?

Anyway, today chef Karin showed us how to make Light Fruit Cake, Marble Cake and Viennese Biscuits. Actually we have to do 2 cakes today and the Viennese biscuit is for tomorrow class, but chef Karin said we gonna make only 1 cake and 1 biscuit due to our time limit.

Light fruit cakes contain about 35-50% of their batter weight in fruits, like orange peel, cherries, sultanas, currants, nuts..etc. *tip* lightly coat them with a layer of flour before u add them into the batter (which is added last) so that the fruits do not sink to the bottom.

Gateau Marbre (Marble Cake) is a butter cake which we have made in Lesson 3 that’ s why chef choose fruit cake for today…we bake it in a Gugelhopf tin ( I like this tin, beautiful !)

Chef Karin was coating the marble cake with dark chocolate…ahhh….looked so good.

One of my classmate asking about the type of chocolate we coat. Chef said normally we prefer dark because of the color makes it more luxurious…and of course we use Couverture not Compound chocolate…because we are LCB !!!

Can’t wait for tasting time ^O^

Viennese biscuit (Piped sables): It has a bit of rum in it and there’s also almond meals. These cookies are to be piped out into cute lil florets or patterns.

Chef Karin made it so pretty. And she was very kind by dipping it into the dark chocolate for us…yeah yeah…awesome !!

These biscuits...spreaded with a lil jam inside and dipped with chocolate..

Marble cake: cross section...

My light fruit cake with streusel...

u can see the left side of the tray is a bit pale in colour...

These are my classmate's which are overmix the batter (chef told) ..If the batter is too creamy, when bake in the hot oven, the biscuit will just spread out like this..


bake-aholic said...

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Bean Sprout said...

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Anonymous said...

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