Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sappho Books & Cafe

Wow...this week I went to 3 nice cafes in a row....Every Saturday, there is the Glebe Market in a school area in Glebe. So I planned to find some nice breakfast and continue walking to the market.

And finally, I chose this cafe for today...Sappho Books & Cafe. It is always in my dream to have a nice cafe and book shop together...Because of first, I love coffee and second, I can spend whole day in a book shop...

This cozy seat is just next to the front door...

For cafe section, we have to walk in through the book shop to the leafy courtyard cafe.

There are plenty of seats, the best one among the science fiction books looking out towards the courtyard

From the sign, I started to be happy that here should be good, from Toby's Estate

My table...

It took quite a long time for my order...anyway, nice time to enjoin the view.

My skim cappuccino ... I was quite disappointed cause the coffee was not hot !!! just warm :(

About 10 minutes later... Apple and Cinnamon bread came...I would prefer if they toast the bread more darker...However, it was good, moist and not too sweet.

Sappho Books Courtyard Cafe

51 Glebe Point Road,

Glebe, Sydney, NSW

Tel: (02) 9552 4498


Eve said...

Hello! Love your blog! Happen to find it after googling for Sappho Books - as I was so happy to accidentally discover this while I was at Glebe last night! I was there at night and loved the cosy atmosphere in the book store - look forward to trying out the cafe soon though! ( Hope my coffee arrives hot though! Annoying when its only luke warm!) I bought a few books there - a really sweet gift book from the 1940's named ' My Beloved' and a childrens's story book. I hope to be blogging about this soon - as I was inspired to start a blog since reading NQN too! She is so lovely! Anyways, happy bloggin ~ Bless!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Eve : Hi.. Nice to hear that you like my blog :D Hope you enjoy it and get "hot" coffee lol. Yes, NQN is so talented. And I will wait to read about your lovely books ^ ^