Saturday, May 24, 2008

Six Seven Ate

Walking to Cafe Guilia last Thursday, I smell some really good baked goodies...just 1 block before Cafe Guilia, there is another cafe called..Six Seven Ate cool name, isn't it? But because I already had my mission , I just stared at this cafe and then quickly walked pass before I changed my decision..hehe...

After came back home, I was immediately searching this cool named cafe...found some reviews on the internet that they are famous for home made meat pie.

The decoration is very home business. There were some home made cakes, muffins and cookies on the shelf. 2 Cakes still were in the tins which means just finished nice !

Again, I forgot to take photos in front of the cafe.

Salt and pepper containner are cute...

Skim cappuccino came first..Unfortunately, it wasn't good. The milk foam was not smooth enough...It's first time for me to have coffee with not-smooth milk foam in western cafe in Australia.

Chunky beef pie....looks normal. Remember ! Don't judge a book by its cover..

The beef filling was chunky yet tender that retains its meaty, beefy note. Fall apart and moist even the gravy was a little bit gluggy... I still was quite satisfied with it...The pastry was not a puff on top. It seemed to be a like a short crust...just ok for the pastry.

For this meal, not bad ! Very nice service. If you want some nice pie or home made goodies to take away...Six Seven Ate is a great choice !

Six Seven Ate

67 Abercrombie St.,

Chippendale NSW 2008

Tel: (02) 9699 4682

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