Sunday, May 11, 2008

BBQ City - BP3 first party

Party party party !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah...I was waiting for this friday night...we all 10 students from BP3 (Basic Patisserie 3) had a really nice dinner at BBQ City on Liverpool St. Af first we supposed to go to Madang (I will definitely try this..heard so much about it's reputation..anyone wanna join?) But they are not accept any booking on we went to BBQ City instead...quite ok cause with friends, even just the normal food, still happy though :)

On Liverpool st. (we can call Little Korea)

Looks so happy !

Of course Korean Food..Lots of condiments (eventhough I found this restaurant has not many.)

Beef Bulgogi (Marinated Beef Ribs)

I dunno what it's called? Pork belly?

Me with Soo Jin and So Ju... lol (for who knows me..of course the whole bottle is not mine..haha..)

First time i know that we can grill Kimchi...amazing ! and Soo Jin told me how to eat mushroom. Do not turn it, just grill it 1 side..then the water inside will naturally come out into the middle of mushroom, eat it like that...juicy ! Korean food with Korean people is really good ^ ^

Dae Sung and Nicole ... looks like father and

Half pork belly, half beef bulgogi...

Tenjung Jikae..never had before...looks similar with Kimchi soup but the taste is different.. it made with little shrimps, chillis, cucumbers...

Beef Kalbi !!!!!! Yummm...

Nicole (Singaporean), Me (Thai) and Seok (Korean)

Heidi (Singaporean) and Me

Claire (Korean) and Cynthia (Brazilian)

Fruit's like sweet red wine ...

Getting drunk?

Getting full..

After dinner, we went to one bar..Sam bought a bottle of sparkling white wine.... Can't wait for next time !!

B.B.Q City
Level 1, 116-120 Liverpool St.,

Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: (02) 9267 5155

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