Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sushi Tengoku

I have seen the really extra-enourmous sushi in TV Champion, Japanese show...but never thought that I would find it here, Australia.

Last Saturday, 6 of us, my sharemates, their friends and I, went to this place but there were not any big table for us so we separated the table. I just sat with Ping, my sharemate who is doing Cert 4 in LCB.

It is called Sushi Tengoku in Kensington. Such a good idea, on the table, they gave us a big piece of Menu which is an order form and also a bill, then a waitress just need to collect this form from need to take order from each table...That's why here, there is just 1 waitress.

There are some normal Japanese a la carte menu like Tempura, Teriyaki but the main menu are sushi and sashimi.

Ping ordered Tamago: sweeten egg. Soooooooo huge ! same size with Ping's Mobile...I tasted it...really good, light and fluffy.

King fish: Hamaji ...I finished this sushi in 5 bites...nice..You can't see sushi rice cuz the fish are too big..haha

Tako sushi and scallops sushis....compared with Ping's mobile.

They made the special big triple scallops. Anyway, I had a really great scallop at Ocha, Melbourne this one is just normal (still not bad compared with the price...about $ 4.00)

Salmon sushi.....very fresh...$3.00 It's 3 times bigger than normal good.

Scampi sushis $5.00. I have never had this before...taste and texture are similar as scallop...

My favourite !!!! Unagi sushi (grilled eel) soooo yummy...the skin were very crispy...2 for Ping and 2 for me...(after ate these, i would like to eat Unagi rice..)

Salmon Roe Sushi ... These were forgot by chef so we had to ask the waitress that we still were waiting for 1 more dish. Then they apologized and quickly made for us... The roe were a bit smaller than normal...but they gave us tons of it...and taste is good though.

Ping with happy face.

I had about 7 sushis...(around 15-16 normal-size sushis, i think) soooo full !

The food was quite slow to come, though. It's like a family business. Lots of take-aways, which is different for sushi restaurants. Ping told me that they is very famous for University students due to thier quality, quantity and price !!!

Sushi Tengoku
121 Anzac Parade,

Kensington, NSW 2033

Tel (02) 9663 3388


Heidi said...

wow, looks really good. i'd definitely go try it out. haha.

Hungry Hamster said...

The Unagi one looks sooo good!! I love Unagi!! *jealous*

Wish I was in Sydney!

Bean Sprout said...

heidi : hey..would u mind let me go with u? haha...really wanna go there again.

hungry hamster: I am sure u can find the better unagi in Mel na ka ^ ^

Heidi said...

yeah, sure! ofcourse i would like you to go with me. I probably cant find the place by myself. maybe one day after school?

Anonymous said...

omggggggg.... thanks for telling me about this place.. i had an awesome dinner with my family there

hahahaha thanks alot!

Bean Sprout said...

Anonymous : I am so happy that you are happy...very welcome ^ ^