Friday, May 16, 2008

Lesson 9 : 100 % Wholemeal Bread and Pepita (Seed) Bread

I was a bit excited about today cause we will make Wholemeal bread which I have never done before… Now time to be healthier :D

Bread week was pretty easy..we used just a few of equipments…scraper, knife, brush and your Hands !!!…that’s all…(lucky chef allowed us to use machine also)

Making bread, the temperature is very important.

Finished dough temperature (FDT) = The required temperature for the finished bread dough. It will influence the growth rate of the yeast. The ideal FDT = 27C

Required Water Temperature (RWT) = The temperature that the water must be added to the dough.

We were taught repeatedly how to calculate the RWT for adding into the dry mixture. 3 days, 3 chefs and 3 formulas (-_-“) gave us the same FDT.

100% Wholemeal Bread in Vienna shape...

100% Wholemeal Bread in Cob shape...

My friends brought butter and jam to school…haha…then in tasting time, we ate chef’s breads with butter and jam ^O^

My breads...I do like both, especially pepita bread- add some pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, caraway seed and coriander seed. Really good, got texture and very nutty.

My dinner today was Ginseng spicy beef ribs soup at Sussex Food Court, China Town...Disappointed ! the beef was sticky and the soup was not so tasty. Anyway, at least lots of veggies made me feel better.

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