Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nazimi Japanese Restaurant

Saturday night I have met more nice Malaysian friends :D We had dinner in a hidden gem within the bustle of the city. Just opposite the QVB on York St. Nazimi is a good eatery to have a quiet chat and some great food.

The restaurant is small and very cozy, The ambience was great with miniature lamps on each table.

Authentic Japanese style small plate.

Jonathan and Sylvia from Basic Cuisine.

Beef Tataki: A Japanese style dish where the beef is hot seared and served rare with Ponsu sauce and lemon.

Takoyaki: Octopus filled dumplings was so tasty...

Volcano Roll: Sushi roll inside cucumber, crabstick & avocado covered with specially mixed cooked salmon & avocado splashed with the Thai sweet chilli sauce.

I was surprised when I first tasted the topping...there were something crispy inside...maybe the tempura batter or deep fried garlic..i am not so sure...and also can't tell what the little yellow stripes's not the lemon zest (forgot to ask the waitress -_-''). It's an interesting dish...I like it ! However, I found it is a little bit wired to put Thai sweet chilli sauce. I would prefer if they put some wasabi mayonnaise dressing or some cocktail sauce if they want the colour ...but my friends like it tho)

Tonkatsu: a Japanese deep fried pork cutlet ...This one is normal.

Special Sashimi and sushi...was great with reasonable price.

Meng, my first friend in LCB, now i can see him only once a week cause we are in different group (anyway we still can have more nice dinner, rite?)...he was chewing..hehe

This place certainly impressed us by the food, the ambience and the price. Not only it's not expensive at all but also the service was wonderful. - the waitresses were very polite and kept pouring us more water.


Opp QVB Level 1, 141 York St.,

Sydney, NSW 2000

Tel: (02) 9283 2990


P'Top said...

ห่างหายกันไปนาน ไม่ได้ติดต่อกันเลย ไป ๆ มา ๆ ตอนนี้ไปอยู่ซิดนีย์ซะแล้วเหรอ ว่างๆ นอกจากแวะไปเยี่ยมสมาร์ทที่ แล้ว ก็แวะทักทายพี่ท๊อปกับน้องกายได้ที่

Anyway, "your blog looks YUMMY..YY..YY..." :b

Y-Maeda said...

Hello nice to meet you.
KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
I am Japanese.
I saw your wonderful site.
Please link to this site !

Bean Sprout said...

P'top : miss u r u? keep visiting my site na ^ ^

y-maeda : Thanks for an interesting blog...i love it

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Sounds like a delicious evening! The food looks incredible and now you have me craving Japanese food at 11 AM! I guess it is almost time for lunch! :)

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!

Hungry Hamster said...

wow, can't believe it's not expensive! The food were very nicely decorated!! The little Japanese plate is so pretty too!! *jealous*

Bean Sprout said...

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen : Thank you very much for visiting here...:D

Hungry Hamster : really ! It was about 78 AUD in total..which was about 20 AUD per person..and we had a nice time there.

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