Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lesson 6 : Sables Diamantes and Sables Hollander

Cookies Day !!!

Today we made 2 types of cookies..Sables Diamantes and Sables Hollander.

First of all…we were introduced what those name come from and how it look like. If I am not mistaken…Chef Michael said…they call Diamantes because they think it looks like diamond and wanna make them special…And for Hollander since it came from Holland and it also can be called Dutch biscuit or checker board biscuit.

“Sables” is a classic French cookies originated in Normandie. The name Sable’, comes from the French word for sand, because of their crumbly texture. Soft and delicate they are very easy to make. They can eventually be flavored with nuts or zest.

From left to right: Spider (named by Chef Michael for the left over dough), Hollander, Diamantes with Cherries and Plain Diamantes

Chef's Hollander was so nice...he made quite a big piece, light, nice and sandy.

Diamantes can be dipped into Chocolate..but these one were still hot, then chef just piped the chocolate on top which is good enough for us ^o^

You know last nite...I was thinking "oh today will have only 2 types of biscuits, then i will try only 1 each"...finally i end up with 6-7 pieces..can't help, it was sooo good ^ ^''

My Diamantes (orange zest added)...a bit messy cause forgot to take photo after it was took out from the oven...these tray had been trying to cool down.

We used so much effort to make checker-board design cause we need to make 2 colours of dough, then measure them, cut them nice and straight, then chill them, then cut and stack them, then chill them, then slice them and bake them…erm…lots of work to do...

I also made mini hollanders (unintentionally). So cute !!!

Su Hee made a different shapes of biscuits..waww.....i should do this too..

This Lesson is the most satisfied for me...

hahaha....brought home a big box of biscuits ( I gave one box which was already shared half-half of biscuits to my cuisine friend)

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