Friday, May 16, 2008

Lesson 8 : Crusty and Soft Rolls

More bread today. It was about making crusty and soft rolls…

Crusty bread: The thin crisp crusts of bread doughs are achieved by using recipes with little or no sugar or fat, and baking with steam.

Soft rolls: These recipes incorporate milk, and higher percentages of sugar and fat. They may also include eggs.

Common Faults and causes

1. Poor Volume - too little yeast / weak flour
2. Too much volume - over proofed / too much dough scaled ( If u overproof the dough, big air bubbles will be in the bread when u bake them)
3. Split crust - underfermented dough, oven thats too hot
4. Too coarse / open - too much yeast, incorrect mixing time and overproofed
5. Too dark - too much sugar or milk, oven temperature too high
6. Too pale - too little sugar or milk, oven temperature too low, too much steam in oven
7. Flat fast - too little salt Poor flavour - rancid ingredients, under or overfermented

Crusty rolls displayed by Chef Karin.

Soft rolls by Chef Karin; Doll man, Swiss rolls, mouse, turtle.

My crusty rolls were not bad, don't u think so? The one looks like leaves is called "Epi" I really like it...looks so rustic.

And I was quite happy with my soft rolls as well....this one is called "Braided roll" with sugar pearl on top.

Our cute doll mans...Left is Su jin's and right is mine...I made him carrying something that i don't even know what it

Su jin and Ja's

Again...I gave some of my breads to cuisine friend- Ricky, Singaporean, and most of the rest to some Thais at Thai Town...

Still got more bread waiting tomorrow...

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