Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lesson 10, 11 : Chocolate

Yahooooo !!!!!!! Chocolate week !

We all were waiting enthusiastically for this week even maybe got someone who doesn't like chocolate..i think majority of us do.

In lesson 10, the main thing we were tought how to tempering chocolate and making ganache for lesson 11, so i didn't take many photos or bring any chocolate back home...(I was so hungry this day...nothing we can taste ^^'') I will tell you a bit of culinary terms again...

Tempering : The method of inducing cocoa butter to crystallise in a stable form in the fluid chocolate mass by melting and cooling chocolate in order to prepare it for dipping, coating or moulding.

Ganache : A rich creme made of sweet chocolate and heavy cream.
We supposed to make 3 kinds of ganache

We supposed to make 3 kinds of ganache: Coffee with milk chocolate, Cointreau with dark chocolate and Wattleseed with white chocolate...but chef let us do only 2...and the worst thing is...the one we didn't do is Cointreau !!! (as some of you may know..i am a pretend to be - alcoholic girl..hehe). So sad...anyway, I used dark chocolate to made the coffee ganache instead of milk least this can satisfy me instead of cointreau lol.

Wattleseed? I have never heard before. Chef told us that it is the Australian plants and the taste is very good in white chocolate...Its smell is similar as coffee. But I forgot to take photos of my ganache...haih...

By the way, lesson 11...we started making the real mould chocolate...yeah yeah...

Chef Karin made the chocolate beautiful !

Such a cute bunny...made from Chef Karin.

Chef Karin showed us many different mould chocolate.

Faults (caused by inadequate tempering)

  • Fat bloom: appears as a greyish coating or steakiness or dots on the surface of the chocolate. It is greasy to touch and is easily rubbed off. Fat bloom is more noticeable on dark chocolate than on milk.
  • Sugar bloom: also appears as a greyish coating on the surface of chocolate. Unlike fat bloom, it isn't greasy to touch and is not removed by touch. Its crystalline apperance (frosting) is quite rough to touch and affects both milk and dark chocolate.

My dark chocolate with wattleseed ganache filling....I was happy with its shiny !

My white chocolate with coffee ganache filling...also nice...I told myself ..hahaha...

Trying to make marble chocolate...but look so ugly -_-''

I think i did quite ok for chocolate were nice...However, chocolate here, in LCB, is very sweet...even the dark one is quite sweet for my liking....I can eat only one at a time...(which means good?:P)

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