Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lesson 24 : Croissants

Since studying in LCB, I was waiting for this day...Croissants !!! Because it is french school, their croissant recipe should be nice...and it doesn't make me disappointed at all...

Today we made 4 types of croissants
  • Plain croissants
  • Pains au chocolates (Chocolate croissants)
  • Almond criossants
  • Savoury croissants - ham & cheese

Croissants are traditional French buttery flaky pastry but originate from Vienna, Austria...It is made of a slightly sweet yeast dough where butter is rolled into the dough similar to Danish Pastry.

Plain croissants dough and Pains au chocolates dough prepared by chef Michael.

Came out from the oven nicely...

Pains au chocolates was made in the different shape.

Almond croissants...

Chef Michael made us the special almond croissants using the frangipane for the filling instead of mazipan. So yummy.....I had 1 and a half of this...

Ham & Cheese croissants....we had 1 of each...ahh..Ja couldn't stop eating...

My croissant dough with egg wash...really like cute ^ ^

Pains au can see some of them doesn't look flaky on top..Chef Michael told that because the lamination was not good enough.

My ham and cheese croissant turned out nice but a bit more tiny than others..cuz we measured the length of the dough, chef Michael tought us to use our hand...and I forgot that my hand is small T_T

My plain croissants and Su jin's were almost burn...we left them too long in the oven..Mine were behind..the smaller one so they were darker than Su jin's...Anyway, taste was so nice

Ham and cheese croissants, Plain croissants and Pains au chocolates

My almond croissants tray was the last tray putting in the oven...dunno why today I was so slow or everyone was so quickly

I made about 40 croissants today...gave to friends at school about 15 croissants, 8 to the kitchen hand ladies, and the rest brought back home...So lucky that Bank's friends came (my housemate) at nite...In the morning when I woke up..I saw only 2 croissants happy ^ ^

A photo of 5 cute girls from BP3 taking by Seok ^ ^

Ahh...and today, June 18, was Seok's birthday...Because I don't have time, Su jin bought the card for us...Everyone in our class, also chef Michael and chef Karin wrote down the happy birthday card for niceeeeee...I really like this kinda thing...Happy birthday Seok !!!!

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