Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lesson 14 : Eclairs

Today we were making Eclairs....use same Choux paste with choux puff but just different shape and different we call it differently....Paste is piped into an oblong shape. Once cool, the pastry then is filled with a coffee- or chocolate-flavoured[1] pastry cream (crème pâtissière), custard or whipped cream, and topped with fondant icing of the same flavour as the filling.

Chef Karin told us that the best lenght for Eclairs is 12 cm...which Su hee, Meng and I all think that it is toooo long....(I think it looks ugly for that long though). Moveover, we have to do Eclairs for our assestment and present them in perfect criteria...12 cm long Eclairs filled with coffee pastry cream and finished wiht coffee fondant and served in paper cup....Su hee and I was thinking we will make only 10 - 11 cm long..hehe

Chef Karin is the most neat and effective chef in my idea...Her products always great in terms of quality and quantity...

Chef Karin's Coffee Eclairs.

She made in Profiterole shape and topped with caster sugar and almond....good idea...

Value added with chocolate piping on top !!!

I really need pratising my Piping skill...1st tray were too fat and 2nd tray were too thin... -_-'' and I think it looked like chinese donut

Eventhough in our class we don't need to make fondant from scratch, we just take it from the fondant tub and warm it to no more than 37 degrees..After you get the right consistency, you can put the flavour/colour you want....still, to make it the right consistency and right temperature was not easy for me...need more practise. My fondant was just a bit too runny...but chef Karin will be fine...try first...

However, I was the first one in the class who presented Eclairs to chef Karin and she said....It's perfect !!! :D

PS. Meng said my pastry cream looks like spaghetti...o_O


david santos said...

Hello, Bean!
Excellent post and good food. I like cafe.

Bean Sprout said...

david santos : comemted so fast, i just finished post it 1 min ago ^ ^