Thursday, June 19, 2008

Little Haveli

After Brioche class, there was the special seminar about the school at 14.30 - 17.00 . Meng and I went for the seminar... Then we end up had dinner at Little Haveli on Broadway St. (very near my house) Meng said he has a feeling that this place should be nice ^ ^''

It is a sit-in and take-away restaurant.

Normally when i pass by this restaurant...not so many people...always see a few Indians were sitting there...

Ming ordered Mango Lassi for drink. I have never tried before so Meng order Rose Lassi for me.

Mango Lassi and Rose Lassi $ 2.50

The Lassi came with nice colour...I found it so cute... Meng tried both first then he smiled and said..''pick the one you want''

I tried the Mango first...It was nice...can feel the real mango taste and a hint of yoghurt...For the Rose, I like the flavour but it was too sweet for me...and Meng knows that Ja doesn't like sweet drink (good friend, isn't he :D)

Hyderabadi Biryani: Indian Aromatic rice cooked with boneless chicken, lamb or goat with spices, saffron and special garnishing $ 12.90

It was so yummy...just like a Muslin style Turmaric rice we have in Thailand...but more spicy...Even the Basmati rice was not as soft as Jasmin rice which is my preference...but it wasn't disturb my appreciation at all. The lamb had just a bit lamb smell but it was tender enough to made me forgot about it.

Palak Paneer : Spinach curry with cottage cheese cubes $10.90

This was my second time having this...First time I had, it was the ready-to-eat package bought from Asian supermarket in Melbourne which was so bland...totally different to this one....It was sooooooo creamy, very rich, a bit spicy and tasty...I love it !

Raita: Yoghurt mixed with black pepper, black salt and cumin powder. I think it came with the rice.

We ordered 2 dishes and shared as always.

Both went very well together...such a perfect combination.. 2 Thumps up !

Now it seems that I (almost) can believe Meng's feeling about the restaurants

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