Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well Connected Cafe

Saturday ...Glebe market again....but before that...of course I have to try a cup of coffee at some cafes...Today had toast at home then went to Well Connected Cafe just for coffee...

No chance to take a photo of the sign outside...It is the small looking place with retro swivel red chairs.

My skim cappuccino..$3.50 You can also order ''Big fat Cappuccino/Latte" for $4.00

Oh my idea...I think it is no different between $3.50 coffee here and $3.00 coffee in the most 's good but the milk foam was just a little too thin for my liking...

Anyway, they said they are good at breakfast here...I will try next time !

Well Connected

35 Glebe Point Road, Glebe,

NSW 2037

Tel: (02) 9566 2655

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