Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dixon House Food Court

Saturday afternoon, Meng and I went to The Essential Ingredient in Crows nest cuz we found on the internet that it is very interested place...for kitchenware, quality foods and culinary books.

After that we arrived in the city around 6 pm and were finding some place to have dinner...Finally we end up at Dixon Food Court in China Town ^ ^''

This shop has such a very long quite tempting for me...I ordered there and the cashier said...wait about 30 mins !!!

Meng went to order deep fried octopus $6.00 at another first we though it was so small...but can't finish ..

Sizzling combination seafood with sichuan sauce medium spicy $10.00 I really want you guys to see how 'HUGE' it is......i asked Meng whether he can finish...He said ''Impossible !'' ...(If ask Deryk, maybe he said ''Of course'' lol)

Dixon House Food Court

Corner Dixon & Little Hay Street

Sydney, NSW

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