Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lesson 20 : Poached Pear Tart

We suppose to make the poached pear in red wine and Fruit Jelly on Monday which is public chef Angelo prepared poached pears for all of us since last Thursday.

Chef Karin made 2 poached pear tarts because she wanna show us 2 styles of decoration. She cut the pear into different is horizontal, one is vertical and also decorate each one with ground pistachio and sliced almond...I really like the colour of pistachio which is contrast with the red pear...

at the front is the poached pears i picked, they were too soft. Very hard to slice and decorate the tart -_-'' (I picked the pear for Soo jin too but hers were so nice)

My short pastry was shrink after baked. Chef Karin said because of the over-working on pastry dough...

By the way, I still think it was beautiful ^O^

Soo Jin's, Stella's, Su hee's and mine

The poached pear tart consists of a short pastry crust, pastry cream layer, dacquoise (a meringue with nut), pastry cream and poached with glaze.

At first, I was very worried that my short pastry will be very hard and tough...but not at all, it was so nice, maybe cause it contains almond meal which helps the constructure of the crust.

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