Friday, June 27, 2008

Assestment Week !

1st Assestment of Basic Patisserie is over !

First day we did the 2 methods of Puff pastry - English and French, and sweet short pastry preparing for 3rd day.

2nd day : 10 12-cm long Coffee Eclairs with coffee fondant. My elcair were more a bit dark in colour than usual. Chef Olivier said he though it might be because somehow I put an extra yolk into the choux paste...anyway, it was the 2nd time I put only 4 eggs instead of 6 eggs from the recipe...then finally I reckon the reason should be that I didn't boil the water and butter when making panade..just warm until the butter melt...hiah...By the way, at least now I know that this problem won't happen again ^ ^

Fondant is the difficult thing for me...have to practise a lot more...

We were listening our evaluation.

The 3rd day, I did the pretty good job. In the morning during the way to school, I knew today I will be lucky cuz we followed 1 car and the car batch is JA009 lol... first time I saw happy ^ ^

Then when my vol au vents came out from the oven, I told Su jin that our vol au vents seem to be very good. Then we put the tray on the bench next to other's.

Many chefs walked into the kitchen and they looked surprised for our products. Moreover, chef Angelo came and ''wowwww'' at my vol au vents (but at that time only a first few students baked vol au vents ..if he saw others..should be like this ^ ^'') . Chef Michael told him these vol au vents belongs to Ja, that ''BIG''Thai girl..hahaha . Then chef Angelo said ''yeah i saw her dough looks nice'' (he was in our kitchen on 1st day)

Yeh yeh yeh.......Ja is happy ^o^

Also the fruit tart...even the tart was a bit shrink but the toughness was much better than last time...not so bad la.

We didn't take the photos before chefs did the after came back, they were all cut. (About 4 chefs tasted our products on that day)

I know it can be better...but today was good enough for me..

Especially when I tasted my vol au flaky and crunchy haha.....really nice. I tried some from 3 of my friends, I think mine is better..:P

I ate 3 big and 4 small vol au vents for dinner with tuna salad filling...yummy !

Today Ja made fire !!!!!!! During doing the pastry tea towel got fire for 10 sec...yeah...10 sec..quite long for fire...You can see evident from my tea towel

4th day was the theory exam...I can say it was pretty easy (I was just confused by some questions). Next week is the last week of Basic Patisserie and then HOLIDAY !


wannabepastrychef said...

Hi Ja!
kudos to you for maintaining such an interesting and elaborate blog of your time at LCB! Its terrific and very helpful to people like me, who aspire to attend LCB :) Thanks, really :) :)
I was wondering if you would care to share what you intend to do now that you have completed the course? Do you have a job offer, plan to study more, etc? How about your friends - what was their planning ahead like? Just want to understand what we can do after completing this diploma.
Also, does LCB require any prior experience for their pattisserie program? You attended another culinary school in Melbourne I about other people?
It would be great if you could help! Thanks!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

wannabepastrychef : First of all, you are very welcome. After I finished 9 months in LCB, I am attending the certificate 4 which focus more in management like food costing, menu planing, etc. in 6 more months and work for 6 more months (course required)also I am finding the pastry job now. The semester will start on 2nd Feb.

Most of us plan to work in the industry after graduate eg. hotels, patisseries or their own business. What a shame that I still really don't know what I will do next...

Before LCB, I finished 6 month cooking course in Melbourne. People there is nice, lots of Malaysian and indo :D

LCB doesn't require any experience just that you really like and intend to bake. Hope my answer will help :D

wannabepastrychef said...

thanks Ja!
Really helpful answer. Appreciate it very much :)
And good luck to you with everything :D
I might post another question or two to you, if you dont mind :P it would be great if we could exchange e-mails? Mine is
Take care, and have fun with Cert 4 :D