Monday, June 9, 2008

The Book Kitchen

First day for Surry hills cafe hunting....We, Heidi, Stella, Seok and I, chose the Queen's birthday holiday to complete our mission...First cafe was my decision...The Book Kitchen !

It is one of my dream cafes...the concept to have a café/restaurant with books available for perusing or buying.

Maybe because it was holiday, many cafes were closed... The book kitchen was packed of people...some people queue up in front of the cafe...including us

Inside there is a huge book shelf..all books-mostly food related.

I wanna sit at this sofa..but not so suitable for our main mission...eating ^ ^

Heidi's Phoenix organic Ginger beer $4.00

Seok's organice orange juice $4.00

Ja's skinny mocha $4.00...taste good but just warm

My Avocado, sour toast, Persian feta, poached egg, rocket, and lemon infused olive oil $14.00

I chose this dish because after checked through all foodie blogs..This one looks so nice...mmm...verdict? Since this dish doesn't require any seasoning or cooking they made it just nice in the way it should be...I like the Persian feta...about sour toast...taste was ok but sooooo hard to cut by knife...almost like a rock -_-''

Heidi's Dry aged angus beef on organic rye, with fig and beetroot relish and onion rings $19.00

I tried hers...She ordered the beef doness for medium but i found that it is medium well (maybe i tried the piece that quite cooked)..nice anyway..beef was tender and the best one for this trip for me was the fig and beetroot relish...awesome...wanna buy one back home if they sell it...(I forgot to see at the bar...saw they sell some jams...maybe got this too)

Stella's Blue swimmer crab cake, tomato, avocado, salsa verde $ 18.00

I tasted it a small can't tell how it taste like..haha

Seok's The Book Kitchen Caesar, WA sardines, baby cos, pork belly, parmesan, poached egg $ 16.00

I was surprised when Seok ordered salad...because normally he eat a lot and today he said he was very the end, he told me that since they said in the menu this dish got por belly, fish and egg...but it was not enough for him lol

Taste was good...It was my first time to try fresh sardine...fantastic!!!...I have heard about how nice it is from chefs in WAI and now i tried ^O^

Stella and Seok

Ja and Heidi

My favourite shot ever...running yolk...but of course, can't compare with poached eggs in Benito's , Portobello Trattoria in South Melbourne Market as I reviewed in Pantip

Well done !

Of course, foodies always have room for desserts....White Chocolate with mixed berries muffin $3.50 I like it...soft, moist and lots of berries !

Chocolate Ricotta cheesecake $3.00 I would prefer if it has more cheesy taste...but Heidi likes it

Orange and almond cake $3.00 Heidi and Stella thought that it was too bitter from orange peel...but i thought the bitterness make it more interesting...maybe i am old now that's why like something bitter lol

A tray of Muffins.......looks soooo amazing for me...How can they make it so this beautiful ...Give me the recipe please !!!!!!

The Book Kitchen

255 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills

Sydney 2010 (between Crown St and Bourke St)

Tel: (02) 9310 1003


dailydelicious said...

I just read about it in ABC Delicious and thank you so much to show me this place (in different view).
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Bean Sprout said...

dailydelicious : thanks for visiting my blog also...I am a fan of Delicious Magazine too...

Again, thanks for ur lovely blog is unbelievable that it belongs to Thai..hehe

dailydelicious said...

You are tagged.
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