Friday, June 6, 2008

Lesson 18 : Sweet Puff Pastry

Apple turnovers, Pithiviers, Cream horns and Palmiers were the sweet puff pastry we were demonstrated by chef Michael today...I think it was the day i felt so full from tasting the most...

Chef let us tried to make cream horns...

Pithiviers, also known as a galette des Rois in the north of France or gateau des Rois in the south of France. It is basically an almond filling sandwiched between layers of puff pastry, but now there are fancy versions with all kinds of different flavors instead. I heard about the story from Delifrance in Thailand that a toy charm or a ring is hidden inside, and the lucky person who receives the slice gets to be king for the day.
We made the traditional one..Frangipane filling with rum..

Cream horns...all my friends love it....

Apple Turnover...actually it is just served without whipped cream..but chef Michael want to make it more speacial and taste nicer ^ ^

The most popular one...Palmiers...We have to put tons of sugar ..

My Pithiviers...We can make it small or big..I chose to make a small one cuz i think it is easier to give to people...And chef Michael said..It is perfect shape ! (as he always say to his students..hehe)

I like it :D

My palmiers...lucky it wasn't become to oreo like last time I did in

I tried some palmiers of my friends...really..I think mine is better :P

Because of the oven, many my friends' products burnt...the temperature was too high and not even...must be very be careful !

Seok's Palmiers...He made it too big and too much sugar...

Kwan forgot her key in the we had to ask the security officer to break her locker...I am also scary about this that one day might be me...

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