Friday, June 27, 2008


It was the 1st day, Monday, of our LCB BP3 assestment day...We made the puff pastry : French and English method and a sweet short pastry for Vol au vent and fruit tart on Wednesday. We did a pretty good job and finished about 10.45 am.

After that we, Sam, Clair, Seok and I, had lunch at Arisun Korean Chinese Restaurant at Darling Harbour. It was the first time I heard about ''Korean chinese food'' . And it was said on the menu that ''Arisun Chinese restaurant''. Clair explained that in Korea, they call this kind of restaurant Chinese, but actually it is Korean..haha don't be confused by me ^ ^''

The decoration is nice and clear...

Big menu.

Chopsticks, soy sauce and korean chilli?

Hot rice soup with seafood $13.00 I think it is quite interesting that in the soup has noodle and rice together... It is how Korean like to eat.

Beancurd with minced pork on rice $12.00 (can called Mabo tofu) Actually it is one of my favourite dish but here it was just normal. Sam said he can cook better than

Noodle with black bean sauce $15.00 First time i had this noodle....So yummy, the noodle was similar as Chinese one..but the sauce was Korean style (of course it is Korean ^ ^'')

As soon as the noodle was on the table, Seok grabed the scissors to cut it. I was like good idea....

Deep fried meat dumpling $9.00 Nice but not distinctive.

The portion was so generous..

A few minutes later.......

It is a nice place with a nice view in Darling Harbour area...just opposite Kura restuarant...

Arisun Chinese Restaurant
328 Burwood Rd, Belmore, NSW 2192
Tel: (02) 9740 6601

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