Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kingsford Chinese Restaurant

We went to this restaurant on last Thurday (so long ^ ^'')...It was Cake's birthday (my sharemate) So we went to have dinner at Kingsford Chinese restaurant, her all-time favourite foodie place...

This restaurant is very small. Since this area is predominantly catered for university students with a small budget, don't expect the ambience and silver spoon service .

always pack of people...

Fist dish...i dunno the friend just wanna order a new's like sweet and sour prawn..but so disappointed..(in this pic can see just a few prawn..hehe..)

Should be the salt & pepper calamari ...Even i couldn't taste Pepper in this dish...still nice !

The best for me today..Longbeans...sooooo good..fresh and crunchy..and got some crispy garlic or chilli or sth like that...yummm... (my friends ordered i have no idea what are they call)

Cake's favourite..Honey King Prawn..taste just like dessert for me...

Their specialty...San Tong Chicken which is pretty obvious from the fact that almost every table there has the dish sitting on it. It's got a crisp skin and the chicken is really moist and soft, sauce is similar as Thai salad dressing...sour, sweet, salty and spicy..just nice !

We had 2 dishes of fried with chilli and one without..In this picture is with chilli...Both were quite similar.. good too

If you find out for the great value for your food, please try to visit this restaurant and wouldn't miss Longbeans and San Tong Chicken...All food we had (5 people) was about $13 per each O_o Real value for money !!!

Kingsford Chinese Restaurant

426 Anzac Parade

Kingsford NSW 2032

Tel (02) 9663 1728


Chinese Restaurant said...

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bluejoshua said...

Hey gurl, seriously saying i think you have not been in this restaurant long enough to understand.

$13 dollar per person isn't value for money.

Read my post regarding the restaurant at

My id posted there is bluejoshua,

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

bluejoshua : Oh, i went to read the review but I couldn't find ur id...truely, I went there just 1 time (but my friend did many times). We were quite satisfied with our meal...What is in ur review, you faced a bad experience? Anyway, thanks for comment ^ ^

Simon Food Favourites said...

i'd have to agree their chicken dish is their speciality. i nearly had same dishes as you hehe

s :-)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Simon : haha...yeah almost same dishes .. Oh, have you ever known I set ur blog in my favorite ? ^ ^

Edge said...

Hello!. We had here lunch 2 wks ago. You're right about ambience etc. (We actually sat upstairs- nothing spesh :P.) The food is flavoursome and very cheap, cheap!. We had the salt and pepper squid as well. But the winner for us was the fish with ginger. The downside about this place is, its a bit messy and not very clean looking :P x