Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Coffee Factory

One of so many cafes in Glebe St. area...The Coffee Factory. I went there with Ping last week. It is owned by a small group of Thais.

It is located at a very good the corner so people can see from 2 sides...looks so nice.

They do simple breakfast and lunch...Panini, Eggs, Toasts, Muffins etc.

Assorted Muffins...

Fantastic Vanilla Horns...they use real Vanilla beans.

My favourite spot....

They roast their own coffee... from About Dose

3-Fern leaf Latte by Mr. Chant Khamthongthae, former of About Dose. Barista Ranking Number 10 of Grand Barista Championship 2005 of the Coffee Factory shareholder....First time I have ever seen this....

The Coffee Factory

284 Bridge Rd., Forest Lodge,

NSW 2037 (near Glebe)

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