Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cho Dumpling King

Last Sunday evening....It was raining but Meng and I kept walking among the rain along Glebe St. Since Meng lives in Wollongong, he have never come to this area before...then we turned our way to Chinatown and finally ended up at this place...Cho Dumpling King.. It was so packed and the queue outside was a we had no wonder that this place should be nice.

Free Chinese hot tea.

We ordered the braised pork meal $9.00 which include 1 large bowl of braised pork belly on rice with some pickle on top and another side dish...(you can order the small rice bowl for $8.00)

The braised pork belly.......I was smiling after putting the first spoon into my like food at home....You can feel star anise, cloves and chinese spice...the so-tender of the pork belly but no so oily due to properly cook.... Ja was so happy ^ ^

Another dish came with the meal was stir fried spinach top with fresh chopped garlic braised pork belly (like on top of rice)...Perfect again !

Meng wanna try the spicy anchovies $3.00 ...a bit different to Thailand...this was soft while in Thailand it is always crispy...

There are many interesting side dishes (changed daily) $3.00 You can see on the window outside and usually can order before you go inside..or just go and pick up whatever you want (like Meng did)

Such a great meal ...good food and so cheap...Our meal was $12.00 ..haha....Even that day I was not hungry, If I eat a lot, it is still a really good bargain !

Waiting to go there again and try eggplant, deep fried tofu, radish cake, etc..

Cho Dumpling King

Shop #6, 8 Quary St.

Sydney , NSW 2000

Tel: (02) 9281 2760

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