Friday, August 15, 2008


After arrived home about 7.45 pm. I quickly took the Truffle off separately from the cone for giving to others. In the same time, Ping and P’Boy (my new housemate) were about to going out to see P’Por (my coffee teacher) so I asked him to go too. After we gave Chocolate Truffle to P’Por, While we was passing by Makoto, I said that I still have never tried this restaurant yet. Ping said Why don’t we try now …Aha !

Fortunately Sam was calling Ping so we 4 people ended up had very late dinner at Makoto

Hot Green Tea

Grilled Salmon Sushi $4.60...When first bite...I have no wonder why they said Makoto is the best sushi train in Sydney....the fish fat was just melt in my mouth...especially when it was grilled...made the beautiful smell....The sweet and sour flavour of sushi rice was just perfect for my liking.
Salmon Trio Roll $5.60 : On top was some diced sashimi with mayonnaise and top with shrimp roe...

Grilled Cheese Roll $5.60 : On top was thin sliced of salmon and grilled cheese. Filling were creamcheese, cucumber, deep fried pork....I really like it

Spider Roll $5.60 : Filling were soft shell crab, crab stick and cucumber.
Outside rolled with black roe...

Special handroll : left was grilled scallop with ommlette, right was soft shell crab....really happy ^ ^

With funny Sam...He kindly shared sushi with me so I can eat many dishes...hehe

7 dishes shared with Sam... Thanks brother !
Makoto Sushi Bar
119 Liverpool Street (Cnr, Pitt & Liverpool St.) Sydney 2000
Tel : (02) 9283-6767


panda said...

i was here last night! between the bf and i, we had a crazy 17 dishes :P so yummy though ....

Bean Sprout said...

panda : I really wanna eat many dishes looks tempting...but at that time was 10 pm, so tried hard to stop myself ^ ^

Sam said...

hee hee. lucky u, i had another dinner before cought up with u. umm... i think i eat too much.