Sunday, August 31, 2008

La Renaissance

Finally I got a feeling to go to La Renaissance...reached there around 9.00 am

I wanna eat sandwich but there was a sign that sandwiches will be served after 11.30 sad.

I decided to try Ham & Cheese Croissant.

That's mine...No.50

Sitting at the back.

Here it came...doesn't look so good, eh?

But taste was soooooo yummy. There are diced ham mixed with bechamel sauce topped with cheese...The bechamel is the key to make it so creamy.

With my skimmed Cappuccino.

cute !

Felt not enough, so went to order more 2 macarons...chocolate and raspberry flavour.

Plain macaron dusted with cocoa powder with dark chocolate ganach..good idea.

Raspberry...I am not sure whether they put some raspberry in the eggwhite mixture. But I can taste raspberry in the chocolate filling for sure.

I will definitely come back to try more.

When I went back home...tried to copy their chocolate macaron. It turned out well...My first time making macaron...they had ''feet'' ..yeah yeah !

I used the dark chocolate ganach that we made in school long time ago...there were so much left that's why I took back home..haha

Yummy but too sweet for me...I made 6 of them and Sam finished 4...I will try to find recipe that is not this sweet.


Lorraine E said...

I love La Renaissance too - I must go back try their macarons :) The ones you made look FANTASTIC!

Bean Sprout said...

lorraine e : thanks...I will try to make very curious about making it and wanna try to make many different flavour .