Friday, August 15, 2008

IP Lesson 11 : Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Raspberry Bavarois

Telling the truth, I am not a big fan of the lesson this week, cream caramel, panna cotta..these kinds of things. Anyway, it is a good opportunity for us to practise on plated desserts cuz I think we didn't do that as much as students in the past I have seen or the one in London and France.

Panna Cotta translates from Italian to mean ''cooked cream''. It is flavoured cream that has been cooked and set with gelatine. We can make many flavours like greentea, coffee, chocolate, etc...this time we make buttermilk flavour.

Bavarois are also known as Bavarian creams and are a type of dessert known as cold charlottes. They are made from three basic elements: custard sauce, gelatine and whipped cream.

Chef Karen showed how to pipe a very ''HOT'' caramel for is very hard work but beautiful.

Many varieties from Chef Karen.

2 plates on top are buttermilk panna cotta decorated pineapple, strawberry and mint salsa...taste was sooo nice.

2 plates below are Raspberry Bavarois.

Wanna try some?

Chef showed some of her products that she made before.

In the kitchen, we were so disappointed again from school cuz they didn't provide pineapple to make salsa...Chef Karen felt sorry for us and said they ''forgot'' to take it out from the freezer...(last time this thing happened in Raspberry and blueberry tart lesson)

By the way, I felt much better after my products came out...

My buttermilk panna cotta decorated with raspberry coulis and piped caramel...soooooo cute :P

My raspberry bavarois with cream anglaise and raspberry coulis..

Chef Karen said it is beautiful but normally we shouldn't put chocolate and caramel together..just choose one is enough ...haha I was thinking about this when I did that..but I am so indecisive lol.

Can you see???? How much we make this..and because it was made into school tin so we had to take it out ...Moutain of Panna cotta and Bavarois !!!!!!!!!!

PS. I burned my finger when piping was very small spot but so pain and got scared -_-''


foxy said...

Even though it looks so beautiful, I still feel that a lot of LCB chef's style is old-fashioned. ^^

Yudi said...

Hi, stumbled upon your blog when I am doing research for my test. I love that Bavarois you made, it's so pretty. By the way I am also doing a patisserie course now in WAI, what year did you graduate?

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

foxy : haha.. yeah, really traditional french style (try to make it sounds better? haha)

Yudi : Thanks :) I graduated from WAI in 2007 (I just took cert2 in cookery for 6 months). How is the patisserie course there? I wanna see what they teach and make :D