Friday, August 15, 2008

Velluto Nero

This Thursday, I was thinking between having lamb sausage roll at B-plan and nice coffee at Velluto Nero. Even when I left the house, I still couldn’t made up my mind yet. Both of them are on Clarence st…so I just walked there first…and 2 shops are just opposite each other…Then my legs were just followed one guy who suddenly walked pass by me into the Velluto Nero.

This cafe is belonging to Owners and sisters, Gina, Vicky & Aileen, work together with an enthusiastic, passionate and expert team to offer a one-stop solution. They roast thier own coffee beans. Also an array of related products are on offer. One of the 3 ladies asked me where I wanna sit, upstair or down stair..I chose upstair cuz I saw it was packed downstair...but when I walked up then I knew I made the wrong decision...downstair looks nicer and have more cafe feeling...

All businessmen were having coffee and talking...

I ordered Skimmed Cappuccino $3.50 The milk froth was so time I will try mochacchino.

That' s why I came to this cafe...

I chose the shepperd's pie which I think they just order from outside...very normal...I should try muffin instead

Very small cafe but worth to try ^ ^

Then I just walked back home and finallyyyyyyyyy !!!!

You know I ordered 'Proffesional Baking' book from amazon since May...and I just got it 3 months after I ordered -_-''

I hope I try to read soon ;P


Roastery, Coffee Bean Boutique & Caffe Bar

Shop 3 / 259 Clarence St., Sydney, NSW 2000

Tel : (02) 9268 0755


panda said...

i remember after the first week at lcb last year...i ordered professional baking off amazon too!!! mine came much faster but i must say, the cover of the 5th edition looks a lot better than the 4th edition :D

Bean Sprout said...

panda : hehe...I think so that 5th edition looks better...but the recipe in the book and the one from school is quite different, right?

Snow White said...

omg....u bought tat book>?!!!'s so surprised to meet u out there...fortunately u can recognise me as well...if not I'll be very embarrassing...haha!!~~

Bean Sprout said...

snow white : hehe...anyway you look nicer than your photo ^ ^