Sunday, August 31, 2008

Red Chilli Sichuan

Finally I can do Latte Art ! but ........only 2 times haha....

These 2 cups, I tried to make it in heart shape...but look like something wierd.

So happy !!!!!! rosetta...(also wanna make heart but accidently become this). I know you guys will think that it doesn't beautiful or compare with the one you easily see in cafes...but it is very hard ....I am quite satisfied for now....:D

The photos below is P'Por's (my coffee teacher)

At night, Sam, Ping and I had dinner at Red Chilli (my idea cuz I miss szechuan food in Melbourne sooooooo much)

Quite full of people enjoyed very spicy food !


1st side dish: Pickle..crunchy..I like it.

2nd side dish: roasted peanut, Ping and Sam prefer this.

Steam rice $3.00 per head

but rice was a bit too hard for my liking.

Braised pork belly with special sauce $16.80

It looks really nice, rite? but we were disappointed of this dish...the sauce was good, some chinese salted veggies underneath was nice but the meat was not tender enough -_-''

Stir fried green bean with pork mince $14.80 This dish was much better than pork one...we like it.

Stewed fish filet with pickle vegetable $ 28.80

Actually I wanna order the red soup fish like I had one in Melbourne but I ordered the wrong one...haha ... However, this dish was our favourite...Hot, sour and spicy...ahhh...when you eat the spicy food when it is really hot, it try to burn your tongue but can't stop !

Red Chilli Sichuan

Shop 351-53 Dixon St.,

Haymarket, NSW 2000,

Tel: (02) 9211 8122

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