Friday, August 15, 2008

IP lesson 8 : Gateau St Honore

We have heard many times about Gateau St Honore since we started in this school...

Gateau St Honoré is a cake named for the French patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs, Saint Honoré . Pastry chef Chibouste, the creator of Creme Chibouste, one of the components of Gateau St Honore, set up a Patisserie in Paris.

It consists of a pâte brisée base with a pâte a choux ring around the outside. Individual pâte a choux puffs are filled with pastry cream and dipped in caramel. They are then attached on top of the outside ring of the cake with more caramel to hold them in place. The middle of the cake is filled with Chibouste cream (pastry cream lightened with a meringue and set with gelatin) using a piping bag and the signature Chiboust/St. Honoré tip.

Nicole was Chef Karen assistance today for Gateau St Honore.

Chef was dipping the choux into the caramel.

The first choux was stick to the base...

Chef Karen made spun sugar to decorate the Gateau St Honore...very beautiful, isn't it?

Petit Gateau St cute !

Trying to cut for feeding us..haha

Cream Chibouste is very light but also very sweet ...

In our kitchen, we worked in pair...Soo jin and I helped each other...I made the Choux perfectly this time...(last time in basic I didn't boil the water and butter correctly, just let butter melt so the choux came out not so nice) and also I made caramel nicely...Soo jin made pastry cream since yesterday so I just whipped it with meringue...but but but !!!!

I think I didn't whip pastry cream to made it soft enough, when conbined with meringue...Disaster ! It was the worst cream I made and I have ever seen...T_T very lumpy and sad ! Anyway, I had to use it.

Lucky after trying to hide the very ugly cream with some strawberries and spun sugar...looks so nice ^ ^

Feel so tired and upset myself today.

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